Dear Friend,

This Shabbat marks the 28th Yahrtzeit of the Rebbe. The Hebrew word for Strength has a numerical value of 28.

The Rebbe is my Rebbe, my mentor and inspiration. But the truth is there isn't a Jew in the world the Rebbe didn't touch in one way or another. The Rebbe cared about a Jew in the jungles of Africa as much as he cared about the Jew living across the street from him.

A well-known community leader came from Israel and met with the Rebbe. During their meeting, the Rebbe called attention to a particular challenge facing by Jewish youth that could negatively affect their ability to later build a proper Jewish home.

The community leader asked the Rebbe, do “our children” in our communities face this challenge?

The Rebbe replied, all Jewish youth are “our children,” and we need to care for all of them.

This coming Sunday I will be visit the grave site of the Rebbe. I will ask for blessings for my family and for you, our beautiful community.

I will ask a blessing that we have the strength to stand tall and proud of our heritage. That the young generation of Jews continue to seek meaning and purpose in our Torah and observances.

I will ask for the strength to be a shining example for my children and family. 

I will pray to G‑d to give us all the strength we need in all aspects of our lives.

If you would like me to ask for blessing on your behalf I would be happy to do so.
[It is preferable to include your Hebrew name along with your mothers Hebrew name]

Wishing you an inspirational Shabbat,
Rabbi Shlomy

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