The Executive Jewish Learning Initiative (EJLI) is a one-on-one learning session designed for Jewish executives. The individually tailored learning experience, is set to accommodate the needs and tastes of executives in the area.

Personalized sessions are held weekly at a time and the location that’s best for you.

Much like a personal trainer, you’ll meet with a learned rabbi who will engage, connect and enrich your knowledge of Torah, Jewish thought and ethics, the Talmud, Jewish Law, Kabbalah, the Soul's Quest, or any Jewish subject of your choice.

Discussions, idea-sharing, questioning, intellectual jousting, are all encouraged. Whether you seek to connect to our rich history or to channel this ancient wisdom into your daily life, this personalized learning initiative will be valuable asset to you.

It's Your place. Your time. Your interests.

For more info. and to set up a personalized session, please contact us at [email protected] or at 480-788-9310.