Today is a special day for me and world Jewry. The third of Tammuz marks the Yahrtzeit (anniversary of passing) of the Rebbe.

The Rebbe was a true Leader.

The past year has given me a deeper appreciation for the Rebbe. As the pandemic started we looked for advice from leadership. Where to go? What to do? Why? What risks are worth taking? How will this affect mental health? How will this effect Jewish practice?

Many lament the fact that their wasn't adequate leadership.

Standing at the Rebbe's gravesite today was very powerful. I was there along with Chaya and our children. I was trying to explain to my children how much the Rebbe means to me.

When ever anything happened in the world the Rebbe was there to offer perspective and guidance.

When Jewish people were oppressed in the Soviet Union the Rebbe was there leading them. Sending people on secret missions to smuggle religious items and food into Russia. Starting an underground school system for the children. Helping some leave Russia and advising others to stay in Russia to make sure the torch of Judaism continues.

When Israel was under attack the Rebbe spoke words of encouragement and offered support to the soldiers of the IDF through his mitzvah campaigns.

When politicians were at a fork in the road the Rebbe shed light and clarity. Providing them a moral compass and the strength to stand up to politics and bullying.

The Rebbe inspires me on a day to day basis.

His optimistic approach to Judaism and life has given me strength to do things i would never have done.

The Rebbes strong belief in G‑ds complete control over every aspect of the world was contagious. In the presence of the Rebbe you knew that all would be fine. All would be exactly how G‑d planned it. This faith continues to pick me up on hard days. You too can be inspired by watching video or reading some encounters that others had with the Rebbe.

Jewish life in Arizona and around the world looks beautiful thanks to the Rebbes vision. One Rabbi to Paris. One to California. One to Singapore and before you know it there is a Rabbi connecting Jews with out rich heritage in all parts of the world.

The Rebbe disliked negative statistics about Judaism. The Rebbe chose to rather focus on helping the next Jew not wasting time with negative studies that instill fear and depression. Open up another Chabad. Bring another Jew to your Shabbat table. Study with a young professional. Put up a mezuzah. Light Shabbat candles and the list goes on.

Sunday is an opportune time to request a blessing at the gravesite of the Rebbe. A blessing for health, happiness, finding a soulmate, and any other blessing you might need. And as you request your needs think of something you can do... Can you study a little more Torah? Start lighting Shabbat Candles? Put on Tefillin? Celebrate Shabbat? Give more charity? Etc.

Sit down by your desk and write a letter for a blessing and follow the instruction at this link to have someone place the blessing at the grave site of the Rebbe

Please include me and my family in your prayers.

Rabbi Shlomy

June 13, 2021