What does “the Rebbe” mean to you?

Have you ever thought about this? Has the Rebbe impacted your life?

The two word “the Rebbe” mean so many things to so many different people. One man with a unique way of connecting to poeple from all different backgrounds.

To the scientist, the Rebbe was a brilliant man with a vast knowledge in science and engineering.

To the general in the IDF, the Rebbe was a caring leader with a knowledge of top secret military secrets.

To the African American Brooklyn Congresswoman, the Rebbe was a voice of optimism and encouragement.

To the world at large, the Rebbe was a guiding light of morality and ethics. Hoping to change the world by encouraging the 7 Noahide laws and introducing a moment of silence and introspection into our public schools.

To the Rabbi or Jewish leader, the Rebbe was a passionate general with marching orders. Encouraging every one to use out their abilities and influence their surroundings.

To Jews around the world, the Rebbe was tower of encouragement, guidance and love. With a genuine interest and concern for every Jews personal and spiritual needs.

To me the Rebbe is a Father. With a wave of encouragement that can pick you up and a smile that can melt your heart. With a solid belief in G‑d and a knowledge that all He does is part of a master plan and ultimately is for our benefit. Effectively lifting the burdens of life that weigh us down. And guiding us to overcome our challenges.

The Rebbe took upon himself the daunting task of spreading the joy and warmth of Judaism to all parts of the globe. Reminding the young child in the orphanage that he’s a Jew. And encouraging the Hippie to learn about his heritage. And inspiring a jewish girl to light the Shabbat candles and continue the golden chain of our heritage.

Chaya and I are blessed to have been part of the Rebbes marching orders and adding a link to the chain. The link of Chabad of Paradise Valley. We are thankful to those who contribute in various ways and partner with us in strengthening this link. And are especially thankful to those who are committed to creating a strong foundation for this link in Paradise Valley.

Tonight as we mark 24 years since the Rebbes passing, I ask you to join by creating your own link in the chain and inspiring those in your circles to add one more Mitzvah adding light, meaning and warmth into your life and the lives around you.

Shabbat Shalom!

Rabbi Shlomy

P.S. if you are looking for ideas of where to start here are 10 simple ideas. http://www.jewishparadisevalley.com/62228/- if you need help implementing one i would be happy to help

To learn more about the Rebbe visit www.jewishparadiseValley.com/therebbe


June 15, 2018