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Ancient letter from Judah the Maccabee found


Dear Friend,
I time-traveled over 2,000 years to talk to you.
My name is Judah. I’m pretty famous in the Chanukah story. My last name is Maccabi.

I’m writing to you today because I need your help.

My brothers and I fought a war to take back our temple and to be free to be Jewish.

People like to think of us as warriors. Born Fighters. Commanding a small but well-trained army.
 Nonsense.  We’re just like you.

Regular people, going about our day.

The pressure grew and grew. And finally, instead of saying “You know what they should do…?” for the umpteenth time. We just did it ourselves.

It wasn’t easy to inspire people to help. Most of them wanted to keep their regular daily routine and hope that someone else would step up.

Thank G‑d, enough people stepped up, and the story of Chanukah happened.
Well, it’s time for you to write a new chapter in the story.

I’m asking you to join me to fight for the future of Judaism.

You live in a time where people are awash with information but not inspiration. The entire library of human knowledge is available to them at their fingerprints, but people are not finding happiness, satisfaction, or meaning.

People feel lost. Misguided. Lonely. And are desperately looking for connection and meaning.

It’s their soul crying out for expression.

I look down from time to time. And I see Rabbi Shlomy and Chaya Levertov and the great work they do in your community.

They need your help.

People love them because they give so much of themselves. And they help people learn, connect, and feel the joy of Judaism and the divine energy of the Torah.

I’ve overheard people say it again and again.
We love Rabbi Shlomy and Chaya because they care.

And that’s exactly the reason I’m writing to you today.
This is way bigger than Chanukah.

Sara unfortunately converted out of the faith. She longed to reconnect with Judaism. To join a community. You can help Sarah feel welcome amongst her people.

Ben is a post college young adult, pursuing his career. He will be a future leader. That is, if our people don’t lose him to apathy and indifference. He has started attending our Jphoenix events and classes. 

Your gift will connect him with Jewish identity and community.
Shabbat Dinners, one on one classes, Holiday Programming, Visitations, Young adult events, and Jewish education for all ages.

This is the future of Judaism. This is what I’ve fought for. And this is what I’m asking from you today.

Can you give $180 to Chabad’s end of year campaign? 

Soon it will be Chanukah. And you will help bring the light of the Menorah, the happiness of the holiday, and the wonderful feeling of connection, community, and caring to so many. Young adults and community members. 

You read this far, so I know that you care. Can you give $180?

I know it is expensive. Our total December costs will be close to $15,000. But it is so worth it. I wish you could be there to see the excitement of the young adults, and the happy glow in the eyes of the adults.

Your gift will shine long into 2020. And you will create light on their faces and sparks in their souls. $180 is what it takes to give them these special experiences. Because Chanukah is more than a story, it’s lessons guides us and shows us the way into the future. 

We need to step up for Judaism. And in many ways, it’s the same war with the same enemies.

Together we fight apathy, ignorance, and antisemitism. 
Thank you for considering my request. May G‑d Almighty bless you and yours with a very joyous Chanukah.

Judah Maccabi
Servant of the Almighty
General of Maccabi Forces
Torah Sage & Cohen

P.S. I’m Judah Maccabi. Can you give $180 to fight for the next chapter in Judaism? You will bring them the light of the Menorah, the happiness of the holiday, and the wonderful feeling of connection, community, and caring. Happy Chanukah! Donate online at www.JewishParadiseValley.com/Donate




 Our end-of-year funding gap is $15,000. Help us reach our goal!