Our end-of-year funding gap is $15,000. Help us reach our goal! 





“The sanctuary lay in ruins…what do we do?”


Dear Friend,

Jews were shocked. And it was felt all over the world.

A gunman stormed a synagogue. How do we respond?

I’m writing you today to ask for your help.

Because the attack in Pittsburgh is not the first time this happened.

We’ve been here before. Chanukah is when the Temple was invaded and defiled.

For hundreds of years, the Temple’s light had lit up the whole world. Shining a message of peace and unity. A light of G‑dliness that spread from the Temple to everywhere. Then Syrian-Greeks raided the temple and stamped out its light.

And a miracle happened...The Jews took back the temple... And relit the Menorah. Kindling hope and comfort to the Jewish nation.

Creating a holiday that will carry this message for over 2,000 years!

That’s how brave and committed Jews responded back then. They relit the menorah after a time of crisis …and that’s how I’m asking you to respond now.

After Pittsburgh, Jews were shocked and confused. Some are even afraid and think twice before being “publicly” Jewish.  Many are asking, “What does this mean to us as American Jews? Are we safe here?”

These young people need your help.

And that’s the reason for my letter. Jews need the light of the menorah.

The Jewish community needs you.

They need to celebrate and learn what it means to be Jewish today.

Your donation will show these Jewish people and young adults (through our JPhoenix Young Professional group) what it means to be Jewish today ...

Peter has never put tefillin on before. We helped him put them on. And danced with him.

Sarah unfortunately “converted” out of the faith for marriage. She thinks she is a “bad Jew”. She needs guidance, learning, and a lot of love.

This happens one Jew at a time. Through "small" actions that demonstrate the beauty and love of being Jewish. This means we have to be there for the community when they're ready. And it’s not cheap. Our end-of-year funding gap is $15,000.


We must raise that to be there for the young professionals and Jewish community members who urgently need us!

But it is so worth it. I wish you could see the look on their faces.

Can you give $180 for our Year End Campaign?

You will give them wonderful opportunities to learn and study and to laugh and cry. Together.

The Jewish community needs you right now. Because we’re meeting people every day. You will show them how to be proud to be Jewish and give them strength and courage in scary times.

$180 is all it takes to give young Jews a way to reclaim their light. The Menorah’s light.

If you can give more, I can assure you that it will be used to help even more Jews. If you can only give less, please know that every amount, even one dollar, will help.

Can you give this very special gift to the next generation?

Thank you for your consideration and for reading this letter.

Please send your tax-deductible gift in quickly so it will be put to good use before January.


Rabbi Shlomy and Chaya Levertov



P.S. Can you help Jewish community members and young Jewish adults (JPhoenix YJP) reclaim the light of the Menorah? $180 is all it takes for you to help Jews  connect to their heritage and to each other. To make it easy for you to say “yes” – I’ve enclosed a return envelope.



 Our end-of-year funding gap is $15,000. Help us reach our goal!